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Egypt: Sisi- greenhouses technology to help increase agricultural production

来源:  作者:David Ding  时间:2019-07-26

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed on Thursday that using greenhouses and modern cultivation techniques contribute to increasing agricultural production and rationalizing water consumption, Presidential Spokesman Bassam Radi said.


  The project aims at developing the economy by increasing the production of planted crops and the exploited area across the nation. Greenhouses consume about 70 percent less water than the current production process in traditional agriculture areas, it also produces high-quality agricultural crops out of season.

  The spokesman said Sisi underlined the importance of relying more on modern irrigation techniques and setting up drainage water treatment plants to serve greenhouses projects.

The President, during his inauguration of the first stage of the 100,000-feddan project at Mohamed Neguib Military Base in Matrouh, urged businessmen to cooperate with the State in setting up these projects and to rent greenhouses to make the best use of them.

  He made it clear that the State is keen on setting up such mega development project because they need a huge infrastructure. He added that it will take many years to implement such projects if they were left to the private sector.

  Sisi added that the greenhouse project mainly aims at filling the gap between production and consumption, stressing that products of the greenhouses will not be exported until all needs of the local market are secured.


Read the original article on Egypt Online.


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